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The FLIR Boson design brings you high resolution cameras at low resolution prices.
FLIR TAU SWIR Shortwave Infrared Camera (SWIR)
Dual Sensor Assembly for the FLIR Boson
Easily control from RC or D-Pad.
Onboard IMU for Gimbal Integration.
Custom Control GUI and Programming Interface Included
Visible Camera
FLIR Boson
Thermal Imaging Camera
HD Visible Camera
720/1080p HDMI Output
Built-in Image Stabilization
Thermal Camera
BOSON Interfaces from OEMCameras
Video, Power, S-Bus/PWM, Zoom, Shutter, Palette Selection Controlled Remotely
Video, Power I/O, USB or TTL Communication, PC Video Streaming
Video, Power I/O, USB Communication, PC Video Streaming
Camera Link SDR 26 Output, Video/Sync I/O, USB or TTL Communication
View and Record Video
Stream Live in HD
Compatible with All FLIR VUE Series Cameras
Connect with Existing 3DR Solo Connections
Start/Stop Image or Video Capture
In-Flight Thermal Camera Control allows you to:
UAV & Drone Components
Revolutionize Your Inspection Process
Thermal solutions make it possible to quickly inspect large geographic areas and pinpoint solar panel problems from the air. Locating potential problems before a failure happens can keep Photovoltaic (PV) fields running at peak efficiency, saving you time and giving money back to your bottom line.
UAV & Drone Components FLIR XT2
Zenmuse XT2 Dual Thermal Camera
Thermal Security Cameras from FLIR
Thermal Security Cameras
FLIR thermal cameras see far along fence lines by detecting the heat of intruders at great distances. With on-board analytics and PTZ tracking capabilities offer even greater accuracy and identification, so you’ll know the most appropriate response.
Pan Tilt Systems
FLIR Marine Thermal Camera M500
High Performance Imaging
Neutrino OEM camera cores ensures that you can have the right high-performance MWIR imaging solution for your mission
Learn More FLIR M500
FLIR A400/A700 cameras screen for elevated skin temperature - a possible sign of infection.
Solutions for a Post-COVID World
From elevated skin temperature screening to automated occupancy tracking, these innovative solutions from FLIR are key to safer public spaces.
FLIR A Series Cameras
Track Temperature Changes, Stream Radiometric Images
The FLIR A310 produces high quality, 76,800 pixel infrared images with embedded temperature readings, so you can measure any point within the scene. And with up to 8x digital zoom, you can pinpoint and monitor your exact target object or process.
FLIR Fixed Thermal Cameras A310
FLIR Handheld Thermal Cameras
From Hidden to Discovered.
From Lost to Found.
Time is of the essence whenever someone is stranded on a cold mountainside, in the thick of the woods, or the dark of night. And time and again, FLIR thermal vision and low-light imaging technology continues to save the day.
Learn More
Handheld Thermal Vision from FLIR
FLIR TAU SWIR Shortwave Infrared Camera (SWIR)
FLIR Tau SWIR provides outstanding short-wave infrared image quality and performance over a wide range of imaging and light level conditions.
The Tau SWIR has greater than 65% quantum efficiency and a full suite of advanced image processing modes.
Available Options
FLIR A35/A65 Series Cameras
Avoid Production Stops With High-Tech Monitoring
Monitor high and low voltage installations, turbines, compressors, and other electrical, and mechanical equipment and identify potential problems before failure occurs.
View More A65
FLIR A65 Shown
FLIR Marine Thermal Camera M500
Leave Before Dawn or Stay Out Late
With a FLIR thermal camera onboard, you’ll never have to fear navigating in darkness.
Learn More FLIR M500

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